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BGP Questionnaire & LOA Forms
BGP Questionnaire & LOA Forms

These documents are required for customers that would like to run BGP with Race.

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New or existing customers wanting to establish a BGP session with Race, please fill out the BGP Questionnaire form as well as complete a Letter of Agency (LOA).  Submission instructions are below.

BGP Questionnaire

Letter of Agency (LOA)

Certain backbone and private peers require a valid Letter of Agency (LOA) to be completed prior to allowing the announcement or re-announcement of IP space. This requirement is for the safety and security of IP blocks assigned or allocated to our customers.

Please use the following letter as a template and complete an LOA for our records. The LOA must be on your company letterhead and the company information on your letterhead must match the information ARIN your ISP has for your address space. If the information has changed, then you will be required to provide proof that you are the company/person authorized to request announcements/re-announcements.

Submission Instructions

Once you have completed the BGP Questionnaire and LOA, please Email the completed forms to [email protected]

Once a request has been received a ticket will be created and a Race Engineer will be in contact.

Please be advised that this mailbox is monitored M-F, 9 am-5 pm PT. 

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