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My TV says “No Signal.” What should I do?
My TV says “No Signal.” What should I do?
Written by Terry McIrvin
Updated yesterday

If your TV says "No Signal" or something similar, this means that it is not seeing any incoming video on the HDMI port to which it is currently tuned. There are two possible causes.

First, your Race streaming device may not be putting out any video signal. Make sure that your EvoPro or other streaming device has power and is turned on.

  1. Make sure that the power cord is plugged in at both ends and that you have not tripped a circuit breaker or turned off a power strip.

  2. Most devices will have lights to indicate that they are powered on.

If you have confirmed that the streaming device is on and your TV still shows "No Signal" then the TV is likely set to the wrong input source.

  1. If you have the remote that came with your TV, use it to check your available inputs according to manufacturer instructions. If your RaceTV app is on an external device like an EvoPro or a Firestick, make sure you are on the correct HDMI input.

  2. HDMI ports may be named. For instance: Cable, PC, BluRay, DVD. Do not assume that named inputs are labelled correctly. Some TVs do not update names when devices are disconnected or when new ones are connected.

    1. Some TVs may "identify" a device when you plug it in. These TVs will sometimes incorrectly identify the device and the name will not match what is actually connected on that port.

If this article did not solve your problem or if you have further questions, please call Race Support at 877-722-3833 or email [email protected].

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