Try pressing the TV button at the top left of your remote and then the blue Power button. If your TV does not turn off/on, your remote may not be correctly programmed to operate the TV. Please follow the programming instructions in the Nova Remote guide.

After programming, your remote should stay in STB mode for normal operation. Press the STB button just to the right of the TV button in the top left corner of the remote. In this mode, the remote will operate the TV when you press volume keys and the STB for most other functions. The Power key will operate the TV and take the STB in and out of rest mode.

If your remote buttons are not doing what you expect them to, the remote is probably not in STB mode. Press the STB button to return it to STB mode and try again.

If you need to operate TV-specific functions, like TV Input, press the TV button to put the remote in TV mode. Remember to press the STB button when done to put the remote back into STB mode.

If your TV is on but you see no picture, or if the STB is on but the TV is off, press the TV button and then Power to get the TV back in sync with the STB. Then press the STB button to put the remote back in STB mode. If your TV is now off, pressing Power again should turn both the TV and STB back on.

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