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Notice to Parties Serving Subpoenas, Search Warrants, Court Orders or Other Requests on Race Communications

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How to Reach RACE


Race Communications

1325 Howard Ave. #604

Attn. Legal Request

Burlingame, CA 94010

Please email all request to [email protected]

Sample Verbiage for General Records Request

  • “Subscriber Information: Subscriber information for telephone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx for the time period of [month, date, year] to [month, date, year]. (Please be as narrow in the date range as possible.)”

  • “Subscriber information for John Doe, last known address of 111 Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90000 for the time period of [month, date, year] to [month, date, year].”

  • "Call detail / toll information for telephone number xxx-xxx-xxxx for any and all bills or invoices covering the time period of [month, date, year] to [month, date, year].”

  • "Terminating Number Search: Any telephone numbers listed as dialing xxx-xxx-xxx for the time period of [month, date, year] to [month, date, year]. To include subscriber information for any numbers found as a result of said search.”

Information That May Be Disclosed

The types of information we can provide in response to subpoenas are limited by law. In response to a subpoena, Race may only release six types of information: customer name, address, telephone, length of service, calling records and payment records, under Section 2703(c)(2)(A)-(F) of Title 18 of the United States Code. Some states have stricter rules. Race may not release contents of communications (such as text messages or emails).

Time for Response

Requests are handled in the order received, subject to other pending expedited requests. Responsive information is generally provided within 10 business days. Toll and call record detail requests should be limited to the narrowest period of time possible or a significantly longer time may be required to respond. Expedited response for information other than call records, if available resources permit, will generally be provided within three business days.

Status Requests and Questions

For security reasons, all questions and status requests should be submitted in writing along with a copy of the duly issued subpoena, warrant, court order and response. To prevent delays in response to your request and those of others, please do not ask for the status of a request for 10 business days for subscriber information, three days for expedited requests, and 30 days for call records. You may then email a copy of your original subpoena with a cover page to [email protected] asking for the status.

Record Retention

Identification of Internet Protocol Addresses:

Race currently maintains its dynamic IP address log files for a period of zero (0) to sixty (60) days. If asked to make an identification based upon a dynamic IP address that was used more than sixty (60) days prior to records request, Race will not have information to provide. Please Note: Race’s system of allocating IP addresses uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP.) Dynamic IP users are not assigned a single or constant IP address. Dynamic IP addresses are assigned and have the potential to change at any time. As a result, it is necessary in all requests for subscriber information linked to a specific IP address that you supply specific date and time including time zone of the incident when an IP address is involved.

Identification of Records Based on Telephone Number

Race can only provide account information on telephone numbers for which we currently or have historically provided service. Race retains the following information about telephone toll calls for a period of eighteen (18) months, as currently required by Federal Communication Commission regulations §42.6: the name, address, and telephone number of the caller, telephone number called, date, time, and length of the call.

Record Retention Timeline

The following retention policies generally apply to frequently sought records

  • Dynamic IP Assignment Logs: 0-60 Days

  • Static IP Assignment Logs: Indefinite

  • Call Records: 18 Months (36 in Certain States)

  • Preservation Requests: 90 Days

Cost Reimbursement

(Authorized under 18 U.S.C. § 2706) Race reserves the right to require payment in advance, to withhold delivery of information until payment is received and to seek enforcement of charges. Non-binding estimates can be provided to the requesting parties. However, entities that fail to pay charges must serve process by the registered agent within the appropriate state and requests for expedited response will not be granted.

Cost Reimbursement Fees: (Authorized under 18 U.S.C. § 2706)

Race will provide an estimate upon request. Please email all required documentation and state on cover sheet, “Estimate Request”.

  • Civil Subpoenas: $25.00 per customer or IP notification and processing fee and $125.00 hourly fee. One hour minimum per customer or IP.

  • Criminal Subpoenas: $125.00 hourly fee. One hour minimum per response.

  • No charge for child pornography or endangerment investigations, unless expedited response is sought

  • Pen Register/Trap and Trace: $1,500 for each 60 days - $1,000 for each additional 60 days

  • Wiretap: $1,500 for each 30 days - $1,000 for each additional 30 days.

  • Immediate response request: $100/request extra to be paid in advance. The information will be delivered within 72 hours but may be longer given the complexity and length of the request. Expedited requests are placed before non urgent requests.

Telephone subscriber requests for law enforcement in excess of 10 accounts or otherwise voluminous may be charged for under 18 USC 2706. Inaccurate requests concerning non Race Communications telephone subscribers require a fee of $25 per non Race Communications request. LEAs can check providers at to avoid charges for inaccuracies. Telephone account information in civil cases is charged at $25 per account.

Please make Payment by Check

Make Checks Payable to: Race Communication

Mail To:

Race Communications

Attn. Legal Request

1325 Howard Ave. #604, Burlingame, CA 94010

Tax ID# Race Telecommunications, LLC. (Tax ID#: 20-5285363)

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