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Active Race Telecommunications, Inc. SPID(s): 973E

Email LSR Request to [email protected]

Phone: +1 415-376-3330 • LSR(s)

Simple Port – 1 Business Day.  FOC date is valid for 5 Business days after the confirmed DDD. The LSR will be canceled if no action is taken after the “grace period”.  All Complex/Non-Complex LSRs will be processed within 24 business hours of receipt.

• Response Intervals

All Simple Port LSRs received between 8am-12pm PT will be processed within 4hrs of receipt, all requests received after 12pm PT will be processed within standard intervals.

• Concurrence

Race Telecommunications, Inc. does not provide concurrence once FOC has been issued.

• Escalation Contacts for Race Telecommunications, Inc.:

1st Level of Escalation: [email protected] / +1 415-376-3330
2nd Level of Escalation: Alexa McEwen / [email protected] / +1 415-376-3330
3rd Level of Escalation: Chris Baz / [email protected] / +1 310-862-5707

***Please avoid sending escalations to multiple contacts at the same time. This often causes confusion and potential delays in processing the escalation request***

• Snapback

If a Carrier needs to “throw” TNs back to Race Telecommunications, Inc. please send an e-mail to [email protected] and have “Snapback Request” listed in the subject line.  Race will approve SNAPBACK requests on a case-by-case basis. Contact must be made with Race Telecommunications, Inc. and authorization received before TNs can be released back to the losing SPID. A SUP TO CANCEL does not initiate a WINBACK if the TNs have been activated by the winning Carrier in NPAC. Race Telecommunications, Inc. will not reactivate TNs unless the winning Carrier has contacted [email protected] and received an approval response.

• Holidays

Race Telecommunications, Inc. does not guarantee approval of all WINBACK requests.
Race Telecommunications, Inc. Corporate Holidays – These are non-working business days and are not available for LSR FOC.

•   New Year’s Day
•   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
•   Memorial Day
•   Fourth of July
•   Labor Day
•   Thanksgiving
•   Day after Thanksgiving
•   Christmas Eve
•   Christmas Day

The Race Telecommunications, Inc. Port Out Team appreciates your cooperation and strives to provide prompt and accurate processing of all LSR requests.

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