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What goes into building Race fiber to a community?
What goes into building Race fiber to a community?
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Bringing our services to a community is a resource intensive project that requires careful research and planning. From start to finish there are 4 main phases to our process, each with it's own sub-steps and processes.

1. Research and Exploration

We spend a lot of time in this phase, developing a construction plan for the communities we are researching and working with local authorities on permitting and other issues.

2. Design

We use the data gathered to create a map of where we can build based on existing infrastructure and obstacles.

3. Construction

This is the step you see the most. Once our plans are complete, our crews get straight to work laying and splicing miles of fiber.

4. Sign up and Installation

Once our construction is almost complete, we will release our order form for your region, and you can choose the services you want for your home or business. This will initiate the installation process, which has it's own steps. Due to a number of factors, we can never promise an installation date for newly released communities.

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