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I placed my order with Race, what happens next?
I placed my order with Race, what happens next?
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Depending on your location, the installation process may vary slightly. In most cases, your order will get sent to our customer service team where one of our team members will review the order and call you to confirm the services you have selected. In some communities, a site survey may be scheduled to determine the method of installation.

Site Survey
Installs can be done aerially or via underground conduit. Some communities have their own internal regulations that dictate how Race can bring fiber to the homes which may require additional forms be filled out by the homeowners.

  1. Aerial Drops: There are a number of ways an aerial drop can be completed. The most common way we install our aerial drops is a Race technician will install a line from a telephone pole to the side of your home and connect the fiber optic cable along the existing utility line to your home. Once the drop is completed, our scheduling team is notified. Scheduling will then call the homeowner to schedule the final in-home installation.

  2. Underground Drops: If your home has been deemed an underground drop, a Race representative will provide the next steps necessary. The underground drop process can vary by community.

I’ve gotten my fiber lines installed, what should I expect next?
You’re almost there! Welcome to the final step of your Race installation process! A Race technician will be present for this step, we like to refer to this as the “In-Home” Installation. For the in-home install, it’s really helpful if you know exactly where you want your equipment to permanently be. Remember, once the technician installs the equipment, there will be a cost to move it elsewhere. 

The first piece of equipment the technician will install will be the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which converts the internet signal from the fiber optic cable into an Ethernet connection. After the ONT has been installed, the technician will install any other equipment you may have ordered such as a router, or set top boxes for Race TV service. Once all your equipment is in place, it’s time to run a speed test to make sure your Race services are up to par. Once that is done, the technician will show you how to access your network and provide you with your online dashboard login information.

The Welcome Packet attached to your Installation Confirmation email will have a lot of useful information about how to use your new Race services.

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