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What is an ONT (Optical Network Terminal)?
What is an ONT (Optical Network Terminal)?

This page provides a comprehensive FAQ guide on using the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) for fiber optic Internet access.

Written by Anja Grcar
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1. What is an Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?

An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is an essential device for all our customers. This device allows the delivery of fiber optic Internet into your home, functioning much like a traditional modem, but with a fiber line instead of a copper one.

2. What kind of ONT will I get?

The type of ONT you receive will depend on your package. Most of our customers will have the 803G ONT. For our 10 gig markets, customers will receive the GP1101X ONT.

3. What are the fiber optic cables in my home?

The fiber optic cables you may see in your home include what we call a "patch cable". This line may extend inside your house from an outdoor pole or underground conduit. All your data comes in through one of these two lines.

4. What do the labels on my ONT mean?

Your ONT will have labels such as power, broadband service, ethernet, and phone or voice. These indicators will light up depending on the services you have.

5. How do I know my ONT is functioning correctly?

If you have our Internet service, the power, broadband, and ethernet lights should be green. The ethernet light may flicker, indicating communication between the ONT and the connected device (like your router or computer). This is normal.

6. What should I do if any light turns yellow or red on my ONT?

If any light on your ONT turns yellow or red, please contact our support department immediately at 877-722-3833.

7. What if the power light is flashing red?

If the power light is flashing red, we recommend a power cycle of your ONT. Unplug the device for about 10-15 seconds and plug it back in. You should see the power light turn on red, then change to flashing green, and finally solid green, indicating the device has fully rebooted.

8. What if only the power and ethernet lights are lit up?

If only the power and ethernet lights are illuminated, there might be an issue with the infrastructure. Please contact our support department at 877-722-3833 before we can confirm this and arrange for a technician to assist you.

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