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Do I need any additional equipment?
Do I need any additional equipment?
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For most homes, the answer is no. Race has designed its product offerings to be as simple to use as possible. We provide all necessary equipment for our internet, phone, and TV packages so that the moment our installers finish, you can sit back and enjoy your new Race services. While we recommend using our proprietary hardware for our Gigabit fiber-to-the-premises services, you are free to use whatever wireless router you choose. Please keep in mind that while we provide ongoing technical support for equipment we provide, we cannot offer technical support for hardware provided by the customer.

In rare cases, homes may require additional Wi-Fi coverage. This usually occurs in very large homes or homes that have barriers (such as RF opaque walls or furniture) that can affect Wi-Fi range and speeds. If needed, Race offers Carrier Class Wi-Fi Mesh units.

Information regarding mesh unit capabilities can be found in the customer "Welcome Packet" you received in the "It's time to prepare for your installation with Race!" email.

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